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Navigation and Apple Car Play Question

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I am considering a used GP3 and it does not have the Touring Pack, I believe the Touring Pack includes Apple Car play.

So my question is, if I buy this car, I won't have Nav and Apple Car (which means no maps at all), is this true?
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Seems like most can be easily adapted to provide carplay, however there is one model of radio that cannot be done, sadly I have one of those....
If it has a touchscreen it can be done. Only a specialist can tell.

Ive decided to go with a Lohen phone mount (which is great) and use Waze or Google Maps on that, so far I'm managing just fine.
Do you know any specialists???
I've been to several, they all take the unit out, look at it and shake their heads with a sharp intake of breath.

However I'm pleased to say I have a very good fix. I've sold the car and bough one that has all the bells and whistles on it.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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