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Need Advice

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I've got the mini bug and have been agonizing over a couple decision points.

Base vs. S - I'd rather buy the base car. It seems to have enough scoot with myself and the salesman on board and the engine seems to enjoy cruising at 75. I plan on burdening the car with a roof rack for carrying stuff and a bicycle rack. I'd be interested in comments from those who have done a bit of travelling with a burdened base Mini or a burdened S.

17's vs. 16's vs. 15's - Due to "real world" conditions here, I've pretty much decided on the 15's whether I go with the S or the base. I'd be interested in hearing from those who have equipped their S's with 15's.

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You'll find lots of discussion on this subject if you have a hunt around :)

Personally I drive a Cooper and am more than satisfied ;) I've driven an S too but it hasn't made me think I really need to have one. Sure the supercharger sounds nice when it clicks in but there's not so much difference between the two models in overall driving enjoyment :)

I'm not too much help with heavy loads but I have driven around with a full load of passengers. And I'm pleased to report the Cooper had more than enough power to cope :D :D
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