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hello to all .
i´ve been reading this thread, and i did the button trick just as one-eyed xander stated.
( by the way my hu is a boost cd player unit, no cd changer , standard speakers.)
the display on my hu shows sv 35-03-45 after the check´s if when it shows 50 is good and when it shows 41 is the older version, mine´s showing 45 where do i stand???
my car is a one diesel from september 03 build -i think it´s a MK1 one d- : :D D
i would like to know if it´s possible for me to buy the aux cable and parts from bmw and upgrade my hu , for a future ipod or zen creative mp3 connection.
thanks in advance to all the worldwide mini lovers and mini2 commmunity.

zig1_1 :velvet:
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