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We have a :yellow: '02 Cooper. First registration April 9th. There has been an issue with Coopers produced <March '02 for which MINI production lines have been updated in March '02; there is a possible left pull but this is a known issue. Please note that not everyone experiences this. We bought the car July this year and the previous owners never experienced the left pull :confused: Whereas we found it rather annoying.

We do not have any further type related issues with our MINI. :) The thing you have to be aware off, is options. Throughout the years MINI has changed the option packages. Items that are now included in a package, have not always been in the past. This could result in you expecting certain options (e.g. sport seats) but not getting them as they were not part of the '02 package. :(

Additionally you will have to check the "features". :rolleyes: Changes have been made here as well and personalized features are possible as well. Example? OK; central door locking. Standard setting is a lock of the doors when you drive off. In the current models the doors unlock when you turn off the engine and remove the key. In the '02 models this does not have to be the case. For example for our doors to open, we have to pull the door handle twice; 1) to unlock, 2) to open. Dealer will check whether this can be changed next time we are there.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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