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Need more power...

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My missus has an r55 clubman d.
She likes her comforts and has a dash cam and Bluetooth set running from the cigarette lighter.
She wants to add a heated seat and interior lighting both of which also run off of cigarette adapters.
I’m concerned that the one socket is not going to be able to provide enough power for all of these at once.
The dash cam is hard wired to the cigarette lighter fuse so doing this with other devices isn’t an issue but when I did the camera I couldn’t find a feed in the fuse box which went off with the ignition and I don’t want to leave these devices on and drain the battery.
Can anyone suggest what fuse I might wire them up to or the best way to get some additional power?
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the ciggy socket is 20A fused ( i assume, if its the same as the r56 ) so should handle plenty really.

the dashcam & bluetooth will probably be around 2 or 3A use at most combined, the heated seat ( i assume you mean a addon cover type deal ) will probably about 10A at most ( the OEM heated seats in my previous motor were only 10A fused & that was for both front seats in use together) & the lights i dont think will be too much either if they are LED etc.

depending on if you have it or not, then you could probably just plug the lights into the socket thats in the car boot as that ( if its wired like the R56 ) is ignition live fed from the same fuse as the front socket

when you hard wired the dashcam, did you use one of them add-a-circuit type devices that goes into the old fuse hole & adds a 2nd line out from the circuit, if so & it used a beefy output cable i would personally just use that, replace the low amp fuse for the dashcam with a bigger one for the heated seat & put the lower amp fuse inline with the wiring for the dashcam later-on to keep that bit protected still.
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