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Good evening all I was hoping if anyone knows of a good body repair shop around the Wellingborough area. I was involed in an acident last Saturday, but It wasn't my fault. My insurance company has got back to me and they will class it as a catorey N right off............ I will try and upload some picture of the damage, but at the moment they're too large.

List of damage from what I can see;-

Front Bumper
Passenger front light
Plastic trim on arch bonnet and wing
Alloy rim will need a refurb
Also something is bent i.e. lower suspension arm, because when the steering wheel is straight the car goes to the right.

Or I may cut my losses and just purchase another car with the money I get from the insurance!? If they pay me out for my car and they take it away, I will get £1550. If I decided to keep my car they will pay out £1250, the thing is not so long ago I have bought 4 new tyres Good Year F1 Asymmetric 5 205 45 17, band new front brakes and pads and sorted a couple of things out that cost me about £400, also a brand new key that cost me £134.

Any suggestions guys?
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