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New 05 Chilli Red/White Cooper S

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Picked up my new 05 Cooper S a couple of weeks ago (09-09-04) from Damon Hill Mini in Warwick. Could not have asked for a better level of service from the dealership who did exactly what they said they would since placing order back in May.

The collection date was planned around a trip to the Italian GP at Monza, so from the dealer we headed for Dover for a ferry to Calais. once in France it was on to Paris for an overnight stop. With the GP on the Sunday we took a few days to get down to the north of Italy giving us plenty of opportunities to steadily increase the revs. From paris it was on to Geneva and then Bergamo via the Mont Blanc tunnel. The car is proving to be everything that we had anticipated and remebered - had a Cooper back in 2002, but it is night and day the difference.

With us now home the car has covered just under 2500 miles in 2 weeks and has no problems to report. Build seems much improved - especially the seats, door trims and dash which were prone to squeaks and rattles in the Cooper. looking forward to the arrival of the Dare 18" wheels that has been arranged by Leccy Blue and will post more photos once they have arrived.

Here is a JPEG of the new Cooper S. More can be found in my personnel gallery

Happy motoring



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Fantastic, great first trip too ..................enjoy...............:)
Great Looking mini.... nice way to get it run in too!! :)
Great car!

I have a DS/B on order for Jan but have been thinking of chaging to CR/W and your piccies may have sealed it!! :)

Did the dealer fit the grill for you? It look great - how much was it?

My plan if I go for CR/W is for the grill + driving lights and then having the sills and arches sprayed body colour.

What a great way to start your ownership too - good work fella!! :D

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Congrats :D

And what a great journey to start! :)

Thanks for all your comments. We were a little aprehensive at first about taking the car straight from the dealer on holiday, but that soon faded as we headed for Dover and onward. Although luggage space was limited it proved more than adequate and the car just got better.

Just clocked over 2600 miles which means everything is well run in now. Looking forward to take the car on more B-roads over the next few weeks.

Only grip, and it's a minor one, is the brake feel a little underpowered and don't inspire confidence due to length of pedal travel before really bitting.

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