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New '05 taillights, US to UK lens conversion

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Hello everyone. I am looking at getting a '05 MCS and one thing i dont like about the '05 is that they lost the amber signals in the rear lights. I noticed that in UK and similar areas (due to laws) they still have amber taillights, has any US guys tried getting a set and putting them on a US spec car? If so it seems simple just swapping lenses and thats it. Anyone done this? I would like to see pics. Also UK guys how hard would it be for me to get a set for my '05?
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I have supplied a set to someone on here (Kyle) don't know his screen name.
What is the cost for a set of lenses?
Anyone know where i can get some and the cost in US Dollars?
Still no reply as to cost and availablity of these lenses come on some on in UK or surrounding regions must be able to go to the dealership and find out what they cost and let me know
£31.75 each

Shipping though is £26 for a pair
Done i can Paypal you and you can ship them too me. Here is my email addy. [email protected] Email me and we can set everything up. Thanx!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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