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Hi all...

I have just ordered a brand new 2008 MINI Cooper S in Dark Silver Metallic with Black roof today! The spec (for Canada as it varies by country) is as follows....

- Dark Silver Metallic w/ Black Roof
- Roster Red/Ray Cloth Interior
- Piano Black Trim
- Automatic 6spd with Steptronic
(I debated this or the manual gearbox for a long time but as I'm gonna drive the car everyday, I figured I would get tired of shifting all the time. And besides, the auto is just as fast, if not faster in most cases...)
- Chrome Line Package
- Hi-Fi Sound System
- Comfort Access
- Sport Suspension with 17' R97 Flame Spokes
(Will replace with OZ Ultraleggeras or Enkei GTC 01's next year)
- Heated Front Seats
- Chrome Mirror Caps
(Will run the Chrome Mirror's in the summer time and the standard black ones in the winter)
- Union Jack Rear View Mirror Cover
- All windows Tinted 20% except wind sheild obviously...

Came to a wopping $43,000 after tax's and all that BS, but I payed far less and got quite a nice deal actually, because I traded in my current 2005 Mini Cooper Classic. The dealer just opened up in April in my city and so they are hungry for sales, so it went well!

Now begins the wait for the new MCS! I cannot freakin wait, this should be awesome.... I will try and keep you guys updated on what happens and pics when I get the car!

Planned mods are as follows, in no particular order:
- Alta Cold Air Intake
- Alta Stubby Antenna
- The wheels, either OZ Ultraleggeras or Enkei GTC 01's like I mentioned above...
- JCW Tuning Kit Stage 1

Anyway I'm so excited, this will be my first S, and second MINI!

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okay guys my car has finally arrived, came in on saturday night!!! I have been to the dealership yesterday and snapped a few quick pics! I am picking it up tomorrow night at around 5pm... I'm so excited its insane.... Will be trading my 2005 Chili Red Cooper tho, which I love, so it will be somewhat sad to leave it there, but the new one rocks! Anyway here's some pics, more will come when i get it home and cleaned up!


First some of my cooper, will miss it! :nice:


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