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New 7 Series has TLC

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Just read in the latest AutoCar:

BMW is copying the MINI's servicing package for the new 7 Series. The £500 concours deal covers all parts and maintenace costs for 5 years/75,000 miles.

What a bargin, £100 for MINI TLC
:) :) :)
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Yup, I reckon the TLC pack sold a lot of MINI's, and is also a good deal on the 7-series (esp when you consider the price of the car).

PS - visit the South Wales/West thread in the club MINI2 section :p

500 quid?! maybe they use gold-plated oil filters.....
Having had a sneak preview of the car at my local dealers, i wouldn't be at all suprised....the car is loaded with cool gismos and gadgets. I've never seen air conditioned seats before - bloody brilliant. :cool:
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