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Adam's proudly announces it's newest tools for your detailing arsenal!
Adam's Polishes Clear Bra Spray and Polish!

(click the image for more info)

Adam's Clear Polish is the first of it's kind to specifically treat and protect automotive clear bras! Clear bras will yellow and fade over time when exposed to the sun and elements. Our Clear Polish, when used as suggested, will effectively extend the life of your clear bra by up to 50% and prevent yellowing and aging!

The Clear Polish is recommended for use every 3 months on vehicles permanently exposed to the elements or twice a year on garaged vehicles.

Allow it to haze over Apply by hand after using our Clear Spray. Simply apply to our microfiber applicator pads and rub in a criss-cross manner just like our paint polishes.after 15 minutes and wipe off with our Super Plush Microfiber towels. Stand back and look at the shine!

(click the image for more info)

Adam's Clear Spray is specifically designed for the increasingly popular "clear bras" being applied today to vehicles of all types. Designed to never stain your clear bra, the Clear Spray can be used as a waterless car wash for your protected surfaces. Specially forumlated lubricants gently remove dirt, smudges, grime, and finger prints leaving the clear bra smooth and glossy. Use in the sun or shade, in hot or cool temperatures.

The Clear Spray, which adds shine and protection, should be used after each car was on vehicles permanently exposed to the elements. Recommended use on garaged vehicles is monthly.

Use in conjunction with our Super Plush Microfiber Towels for streak free results!

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