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New Auto-Headlamps Option

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Hi All,

Just in case anyone is wondering what the on/off switch looks like for the new auto-headlamps, here's a close up shot of the headlamp stalk on my brand new MCS. As you can see from the photo, there's a new "Auto" setting on the stalk just below the normal "Off" setting. When the headlamp switch is rotated down into the "Auto" position, the headlamps turn on and off automatically depending upon the outside lighting conditions (and you can turn off the auto-headlamps by simply putting the switch into the normal "Off" position). I haven't had a chance to really use them yet and so I don't know how well they work at this point.

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Very cool. Thanks for posting. My MCS is configured very closely to yours and I have and EDD of 3/2/2005. Can't wait!
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