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New Car

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I though it would be appropriate if this was my first post. I've whole heartedly enjoyed this site as well.

I finally recieved my production number for my Mini Cooper S. I cant wait to get it. Anyone have any idea how long it takes from when your car starts to be built to when you take delivery? My car was concieved on May 22nd. Anyone have any clue when birth will be? I hope you all can help. thanks for the help beforehand

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There's been a lot of talk about this lately. You may want to do a search for related posts. There has been a lot of conflicting information on this so it's hard to say when you'll get you car. Best thing to do is track it on the site and wait patiently (if that's possible :D )
Thank you Drakken. have you taken delivery of your car? If so i'm in Pa, and I'd love to see it. Don Rosen just had they're official grand opening last night and it was really cool. free drinks and all and Helix 13 was there with both of they're cars.
I've had mine for 3 weeks and just turned 1000 miles. I'm in Mt. Laurel, NJ. If you're going to be in the area private message me if you want to check it out.
thanks Drakken I will deffinately keep that in mind
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