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Hi all,

Its actually my girlfriend who has just bought an August 2002 MCS, upgrading from her current Cooper. She had no intention of swapping cars so soon after buying her Cooper, but as i work for Vauxhall this Cooper S was being traded in against a Mazda RX8 of all cars!

Anyway, im not sure which of these are options but it has full leather, twin glass electric sunroofs, white 17s, white roof and mirrors, BMW IPOD dock and xenons - can anyone comfirm if these are options? Its done 40k, 4 new Dunlop run flats, absolutley unmarked red paint and rear seats have never been sat in, its been owned by a 40ish year old guy, full BMW history and still two years of the optional Chilli pack is it?

She paid 6350 for it, and it whines like a good un lol, i nearly prefer it to my own RS 172 - only nearly mind! Is this a good price?

Shes after the 4 spotlights for the front, and needs to sell her current 51 plate 50k Cooper in red - thought id cheekily drop that in ;)
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