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New Development on the ''feeling low over order' story ...Advice?

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I now have a new development w/that whole situation I wrote about the other day.
If you know my "story''' & feel like sharing your wisdom...please do.

Have a chance at a car AT msrp (long story) but, it would mean having to wait an extra 4-6 weeks for this $1000 savings. But, it WOULD mean purchasing the car from the dealer closest to me, where I would need to get service anyway. (not necessarily a bad thing)

The place I originally ordered at is quite far away.
I bought there since they had a sooner build date open.
And, at the time, they matched the 'over MSRP' price of my closer dealer who charged a bit less over.

Gosh!! What to do?
I *was* confused on colors, but if I end up keeping it the sure will be frustrating knowing I could have had the exact same car so much earlier. :-(
Darn!! The only reason I have this new opportunity was 'cos I was so fed up w/this other place...and mostly due to a very, very lucky break...'serendipity' if you will. What to do?

What would you do, if you know my 'story'?? Thanks so much.
I need to decide fast as the new dealer only has a few builds left for March...very few.

I could try to get my original rude place to see if they could match this new development. But, that seems unethical...and, what's the likelihood they'd do that anyway? If they can sell my current order easily at almost $1500 over? Not likely, huh?
I say it might be unethical 'cos this 'new' place did go a bit over the offering me this break. (you might not think so but dealerships around here are STIFF on their pricing...never seem to budge!) But, like I say...serendipity caught me a 'break'.

I happened to be in the right place, at the right time.
(happened to be around after hours...spotted an 'unsafe' situation w/one of their cars...
let them know & they're 'repaying' me w/this break) That's all for now. Thanks!
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hey this may or may not help, dont take it the wrong way.
I am not a mini owner (yet!!) nor have i even ordered yet. But if it were me I think i would take the lower price, closer to home, longer wait option. I would take them giving you the deal the deal as a sign that they are the dealers to buy from (even tho it seems like the logical choice anyways because of their location) but i would take it as a sign that for some other reason they are the one to buy from wether it be better service later, or something else down the road. I know the wait will be long, but i'd take the seredipity choise ;)

hope this helps, let me know wut u decide!
Thanks so much!!
So, you wouldn't go back to seller #1 & say you're leaving due to a poor run-in w/their salesguy....
and, oh, btw, I got MSRP? (to see if they might match it?)

Just curious if you'd even try that, as a last ditch effort to still get the car that much sooner? I said....I'm not thrilled doing that.
But, I'm not sure the other place is being entirely sincere either w/just when
they expect the car to be built. It seems like quite some time ago they were alluding that it might be later than they are now telling me. :(
NeedMiniInfo said: I said....I'm not thrilled doing that.
I wouldnt be thrilled in doing that either. However, I might leave the manager a message on his voicemail letting him know of the poor service I recieved, and let him know you found a dealer that will give you MSRP.

(My uncle owns a used car dealership, and stays on top of all of his dealers, telling them, to be polite, etc. and when he hears of poor service he usually deals with the unhappy customer himself.)

My point is if you left the messge by phone or email with the manager at dealer #1, he may be inclined to work with you personally, therefore giving you a better deal....Not sure, but it seems to be worth a try, just as long as you keep good terms with the MSRP dealer (dealer #2) (ultimatley the one who will be servicing your mini in the future) <-- something to think about...

hope that helps!
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NeedMiniInfo said:
I'm not sure the other place is being entirely siincere either w/just when they expect the car to be built. It seems like quite some time ago they were alluding that it might be later than they are now telling me.
You posted earlier that MINI USA told you the car went into production on February 2 :confused:
Thanks & clarification...

Thanks, Zbonneville, for the great advice!
I'll try that...

And, Miniac...yes,
my car did start production just a few days ago.

And yes, it's sad. (as I may walk away from it)
I feel that way, anyway.
(not in the scheme of true sadness, mind you...
just saying it will be a shame, I think)

I'm probably walking away
not for the sudden discount that just emerged,
but was heading that way before serendipity itself
suddenly seems to have intervened...
as I was unhappy with what's been transpiring at my current dealership.

Just clarifying... :)
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