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I want to get a new exhaust for my car, but i dont want to lose my warrenty. Now i have two choices from what i can see, the basci rear sports silencer from the mini dealer or JCW exhaust system. The mini silencer costs £400 plus fitting but does anyone know if you can get the jcw exhaust system on its own or do you have to get the full works kit?

any feedback on this along with prices, extra BHP figures and sound quality would be great!!

so it is.....
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Hi ya,

I got the JCW sports exhaust (which only included the back box, it didn't include the modified manifold, as this only comes with the works package) fitted to my car with my initial order. It started off with a great sound and gradually improved with age, as the amount of carbon built up on the baffles. You may get a slight effect with regards to bhp as the engine is breathing alot easier but i don't think it's anything noticeable.

I would certainly recommend it.........It really makes your mini stand out from the rest, especially when you give it a good blip up the road and turn a few heads.

I think it cost in around the 350 mark plus fitting.

Hope this helps.


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changing your exhaust from the cat back is as likely to void your warranty as turning your climate control up from 22 to 23 degrees on a cold day is going to place undue stress on your heating system

don't worry about it
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