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I had a CM couple years ago and wanted back in. Picked up 19CMS today. In anticipation of getting this one I've been back tearing through aftermarket tire and wheel size threads. Thing is there are 10 million different answers and I'm trying to find out what I think is easy for someone who already did this but I cannot find a definite answer and I saw it was kind of asked before. Looking to go to 19's. I want to fill out the wheel well and push them out and no rubbing on stock suspension. So what I got from here is a 245 40 19 on a 8.5" width rim and et35. Now I think the 35 pushes them out further so to not have any rubbing maybe I'll go et45 and then just get spacers to my liking. Now the 245/40/19 is a touch smaller in height than the stock 225 50 18. Again, I just want to fill out the well as much as possible without any rub. Any help, much appreciated. I would like to put a 230 50 19 which is 28" tall
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