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Hello Everybody,

My Name is Sebastian, originally from the bautiful country Chili but currently living in Belgium after several years of adventures in Africa (Southern and west side).

Father of 3 (soon to be 4) passioned about mechanics, cars and machinery. Mechanical engineer is my profession with a life dedicated to Minning. I always want it to have a Mini, basically because it bring a lot of memorys of my childhood on my beggining of life dedicated to the mechanics (Due to my grand father).

Having a big family always block me to have an small car but I have the opportunity to buy a Mini in a ridicaulus price, literaly a bargain. The car was involved in an accident but even selling only the engine I could recover my investment and make some money so I decied to take the adventure and finally buy a Mini.

As mention this is my firt time having one so clearly there is a lot to learn specially because is a Diesel Version, My goal will be to take it back to the streets to be the first car of my son and later on look for another one for me :nerd:

Trust I will find some nice comunity to help me to make this little dream to work rolling in the family and community of Mini's.

Here is some of the pictures of the new camrade!


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