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New install

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Morning everyone.
I’m installing a new system in my daughters 55 plate mini one tomorrow.
I’ve got:
Sony HU, with external Mic
Focal 6x9’s for the rear
Focal mids and tweets for the front
Pioneer 12 inch sub for the boot
1 x 4 way 900watt amp to drive the door speakers
1 x 1000 watt mono block for the sub.
Was going to put the amps in the boot mounted on the rear of the back seats.
Any tips on the following would be greatly appreciated..
Cable runs:
Going to run a 4 gauge power wire from the battery, with fuse as close as possible to battery, through to the boot. Into a junction box. Then out to the amps. Any suggestions on the cable route?
Also got 3 sets of RCA’s to run plus new speaker cable for cross overs and rear speakers.
Any suggestions on where to hide the cross overs?
Any good places to get a good earth for the amps in the boot?
Was also going to replace the broken cigarette lighter with a fixed twin USB port. one other query was replacing the tweeters, any suggestions?
As I say any suggestions to make this as easy as possible would be gratefully received.
I’ve a couple of pack of dynamat type product for inside the doors.
Hopefully should be a lovely little system😊
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Its much easier when the battery is in the boot!

I ran my RCAs under the trims along the side of the car. I took them out for better access. You will need to side panels out to do the rear speakers (you need to remove the rear seat to do this) so will make the job easier.

Old trick, always run signal cables along one side and power the other. Given the battery is on the passenger side then run the power along that side.
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