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I have recently acquired a Maniflow 4-2-1 manifold with a 200 cell 'sports' cat (pic)
I am currently running a fairly standard looking manifold which has no pre-cat (pic)
Will be fitting the Maniflow shortly.
I'm wondering what differences it will make to the power and torque delivery.
I have a 2005 R53, currently it is configured thus:
17% KAVS pulley
Required colder plugs
Standard-ish manifold with cat, but no pre-cat
Orranje Stealth CAI
Non resonated cat back Milltek
Airtec Intercooler
JCW ‘Blue’ 380cc injectors
Dyno-ed April this year - mainly to check out the air/fuel ratios (AFRs), how rich or lean it was running.
211.8 bhp @ 6,250
200.8 lb-ft torque @ 4,100
Auto part Automotive exhaust Muffler Pipe Catalytic converter

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Can't say for sure but apparently if you have a 4-2-1 manifold with standard cat you might see a few bhp but it's not a big improvement. I had a 200 cell with stainless steel 4-1 manifold but switched back to standard with the 3inch catback mainly due to the engine management light constantly coming on due to the sports cat emissions. But when I reverted back I noticed a much better torque curve this is down to the cat apparently which is better than any decat or 200cell. Which is why many people weld the original cat to long tube headers but for the gains it's just not worth it tbh. Sounds much better as well
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