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Okay, for the first time I'm wondering....

I stopped by CF MINI today to see about setting up my appointment for my Aero Kit and Bonnet stripes, and guess what -

They have a BRG/B MC Cabrio with beige leather on the floor! I sat in it with the top up and down. Now, I'm really a convertible guy, so I was wondering what it was like with the top up and down - and let me tell ya, I think if you are used to the tops in convertibles, then the vision isn't a problem. I think the blind spots are normal for a cabrio. The inside chrome package looked GREAT on it. No xeons, but I like the look of the new front end. Also, there is a bit boot space than I thought there would be.

Stop by and let's hear from the "experts" in the area! :D :cool: :p
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