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Finally picked up the MCS on Saturday.

I've got couple of questions, haven’t had a mini before;

1. The key doesn't open the boot or windows (I’d seen before you can open the windows remotely?) I presume the dealer has to reprogram the key?

2. There's a mark on the plastic bit on the hand brake hopefully dealer will replace this?

3. There’s no oil change around 1000 miles, is that correct??

4. Countdown on the oil change jumped 50 miles and I only went about 5\6 miles?

Advice for new mini owners, READ the manual before taking the car out!

I thought that the gear box was bit notchy between 5th and 6th but clearly states in the manual to push to the right! Doh.

Also CD is very poor quality, just feels to plastic and brittle. aIso should have ordered the MSW, its right pain having to mess on with the radio\CD.

Other than that it’s bloody brilliant, can’t wait for the 1000 miles to pass.

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The dealer should replace a damaged plastic bit on a new car, yes. Would have been better to notice that directly when picking up the car.

The oil service counter only displays 50 mile steps. They don´t assume that you can come in on exactly the last mile. :D

I did a 1250 mile oil service, but it wasn´t mandatory, at least here in Germany.

Have fun with your car!
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