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Hi Guys, my first post on this forum though have been browsing for a great info on here so thanks!!

I may well be returning to the MINI fold having previously had a MCS DS/Black. Was very glad to see it go :mad: !!

Due to a change of cars within the household am now thinking of getting my first convertible which I am getting excited about.

Been reading about the potential autoheadlights & front centre armrest (both have on my current car & love) and wondered if they will be coming to UK cars soon. I am thinking of ordering now for a March '05 delivery.

My potential spec is.....

DS, black leather & ? blue hood
Black bonnet stripes
Chilli with Bullet alloys
Auto A/C
Folding mirrors
Single CD
Sat Nav
Wind deflector
? JCW when available

Also like Hyper Blue but 2 of my friends have ordered this so 3 of them would be a bit sad!!

Not seen a DS with blue hood, any comments?


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Hello and welcome to MINI2.:)

Blue Hood and Black Stripes not sure on that one how about Black Hood and Black Stripes with spots now that would look sooooo good.:)

You've still specced a nice Cabrio though.:)

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Looking on the configurator black stipes looks good with DS & if go for them would likely go for black roof. Not seen any pics of DS with blue top & hard to tell from the MINI configurator....

When the dealer gets back from his hols shall be going out for a test drive which am looking forward to!!
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