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Hi everyone - after a decade of Toyota I'm about to order my first Mini, the F60 Countryman PHEV. I'm a long-term hybrid user, familiar with the pros and cons of hybrid and PHEV technology - but not when applied to Mini. Test drove latest Toyotas, & the new Subaru XV E-Boxer, but the Countryman PHEV was the most characterful (& nippiest) of the selection of cars I tried and has enough range for my local runs, with the petrol engine for when I need to head down the M4.
Most likely ordering the PHEV in British Racing Green in Classic guise with black roof, comfort kit, sunroof - and as I like HUDs, having had them in Prius since 2012, will ask for the HUD option too.
Looks like delivery in September. Would have liked the LED headlamps but hard to justify the extra £1100
Good to meet you all,
Neath Valley, South Wales
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