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2004 R53, 2004 R50
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Hi there

Not 100% sure what I'm meant to put in my first post but as its the done thing, here goes!

I'm in Watford. I own a facelift 54 reg racing green R50 that I bought for my wife's birthday about 5 years ago. She pretended to like it but after a couple of years the truth came out that she hated it. Her loss was my gain. I spent lockdown bringing it up to standard, swapped out all discs and pads, exhaust, filters and everything I could possibly do to keep busy. Have been driving it ever since.

Liked it so much that a month ago I also bought an R53 as I coveted the supercharger. Its the same year and the same colour as the R50. The white wheels have got to go in my opinion! Its standard, brown leather interior which I love (but wife hates!)

Here for tips and info both ways, always happy to share what I know with anyone who asks! (not that its much!)

I've built up a fair few R50/R53 spares along the way as well, which I'll get round to listing at some point. . . . . .

Damon :)
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