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I'm Marko from Chesterfield,England and have owned a 2017 JCW (Chill Red) auto since July this year. I bought it with 7600 miles on the clock from a main dealer and it's in showroom condition. I owned a number of hot hatches in the 80s/90s and then drove a camper van for the last decade before buying my jcw. I absolutely love it and it is far superior imho to anything I have driven or personally owned.
I have referred to this forum on quite a few occasions as the handbook information is somewhat limited.
I am currently installing a reversing camera and just need to wire it into the reversing light. I wondered if anyone can tell me which of the wires connecting to the bulb holder in the rear is ground and which is the 12v reversing light wire. I am also a little cautious about the connection as I want to avoid throwing up any errors as a result. If any of you guys can offer any advice I would be more than grateful and feel sure that I will be able to contribute more as my ownership of this amazing car continues.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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