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Morning, we are looking to purchase a Cooper S but having looked at a few Gen 1/2 are not sure which woud suit us best. Basically it will be a weekend toy so not a high mileager for the 2 of us.
Is it best to go for late supercharged gen 1 (road tax puts us off) or later gen 2 model. We looked at 2.0 diesel 2010 and thought about getting remap as this may not of been thrashed so much (issue is over our £4k budget and didnt want loan).
We have local mini specialist who we saw other day and he is recommending Gen 1 as 07-10 models have reliability issues and dont want something than is always in a garage, on the gen 1 are superchargers and issue? cam chains? as we probably wont know oil history. Are the SD models a better option as cheaper to run ?
We have family friend that could look at auctions but in reliality is this a bigger risk than buying off autotrader at our budget.
thanx in advance, :big_grin::big_grin:
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