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Hey folks,
New forum member here, Don Ceccarelli from NC. My son just bought his dream car, his first car, a 2016 countryman S with @42,000 miles, Jungle metallic green and black. His mechanic, me, will be going through the car and performing most maintenance on it, unless it’s a large job, then it’s off to the dealer. I’m a car guy and will be asking for lots of advice on this forum. I’ve attached a few photos below ((I think)
First question..... lots of soot at the tailpipe and I read that this could be “normal” because they tend to run rich.. True or False?


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Welcome to the forum!

Not sure about the soot question, but I recommend getting a copy of the Bentley manual if you’re going to do a lot of the work yourself. It isn’t cheap, but you get what you pay for and with what a shop will charge for any work it’s easy to justify.
Thanks Dan. Did a bit of searching and I’m guessing the Bentley Manual is a better version of the Haynes for the mini?
That's been my experience. Haynes and Chilton's both aren't what they used to be.

Here's a link to a thread down in the Off Topic section, it explains Haynes Manual jargon pretty well!

2016 should be a good year. You have 2.0 turbo. That should make a lot of difference and push you enough out of the taxable bracket of having very many problems at all.
There is a way to clean the chrome tailpipe right up somewhere on line. You don't have to polish it up or anything. It's a wipe on wipe off product.
I do know that the factory setting on my turbocharger and the new turbocharger I bought were the same setting. After about 60 thousand miles I adjusted my turbo up one threads worth on the actuator arm. Mine does not run so rich; Because even after I bought my new turbocharger and rebuilt the engine About 3 months ago. I still adjusted it up for better performance.
So my turbo actuator is set at 10 threads. 11 threads is probably good enough. Stock is 12 threads.
What I was gettin at was it is not really a recommended thing to do right off the bat. But after 60 thousand miles or so. It really is helpful to increase the boost by 2psi by turning the bolt a thread; to make up for lost power. And general wear.
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Thanks Dan. I have used the Haynes manual for my other vehicles (including my 1974 Porsche 914) , sounds like I’ll get a Bentley manual for the mini.
Thanks for the turbo info, I’ll keep that in mind. On cleaning the soot, I could tell the previous owner never cleaned the chrome exhaust, so had to use steel wool initially, but simply paper towel and water since.
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