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Greetings from Santa Cruz, California. In 1967 a buddy and I spent the summer cruising Mainland Mexico in his 850cc Morris Mini. I believe it was a '63 model. We ended up in Matanchen Bay, San Blas where we spent a month riding "the longest wave in the world." It was absolutely the most ridiculous car we could've chosen for a trip like this, but I totally fell in love with it.

Last week I did something about it. I bought this '13 Gen II MCS hardtop. It needs real tires and I'd love to find some 17 inch Gen-I R-85 "S-Lite-style" aftermarket wheels for it. Something that would accommodate the TSPM. Any suggestions?

I'd also like to lower it about an inch all the way around. My back ground is traditional Ford Hot Rods, you can find info on my shop, Seabright Hot Rods at: SEABRIGHT HOT RODS


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