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New member with a question

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Hi guys new to the forum, im going to get myself a new mini cooper s through the motability scheme as i was disabled in a near fatal car accident 5 years ago and have decided as ive never had a new car in my 53 years its about time, the only car i can see that ticks all the boxes(apart from space) is a mini cooper s, the issue is im a serial modifier! I think as long as i only fit parts that are removable im ok to modify the mini , im looking to get lowering springs as i usually fit coilovers but i think to better the standard suspension id need to spend really big so maybe a set of springs is the better option, ive always had good results with eibach even though they really arent low enough they would suit my budget and breif, im also going to fit a decent exhaust and a remap to finish, any advice recieved on any of the above will be greatly appreciated
Many thanks and i look forward in excitement to all the advice
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Suspension travel is pretty limited in
stock form, and lowering springs take
what’s there almost completely away.
Some coil overs lower while retaining
reasonable travel.
Nothing really wrong with keeping the
stock springs and adding Bilstein HDs
or Koni (yellow) Sports for firmer and
Better handling.
With or without Eibach springs also consider Koni Special Active dampers. They really do improve ride and handling.
Why not get a two inch lift kit if you have a countryman and have a softer suspension.
R60 Countryman Off-Road 2" Lift Kit Suspension Bundle | Stage 3
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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