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Hello everyone.
I recently bought a 2004 mini cooper convertible with the chilli pack and like it very much. I'm no mechanic, but the more I work on it the more I like it. It's got 67k on it from new so thought it's definitely worth it.
Bought from a local auction, it had some issues when I bought it - coolant circulation problem, the convertible roof didn't work, the boot wouldn't open, the front nearside fog light was smashed, (still) needs two new front tyres, missing parcel shelf..
Happy to say I've fixed the coolant circulation problem (drain, bleed, replaced coolant, new cap and expansion cap now holding pressure and working well), found a broken wire going to the boot switch now opening (although the boot wont open with the fob still), replaced the front fog light, replaced the boot switch chrome bit (looks better).
I've joined the group to seek advice really on the convertible roof (fix). It seems to be catching on the drivers side when trying to open it. I found a video on youtube
and have tried to follow it but cannot remove the roof motor - it's stuck after removing the three hex bolts and I don't want to force it as I assume it's a delicate piece of kit. If anyone does come across this and can help, please get back to me, thanks.
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Thank you knt, I'm definitely getting there!
Happy to say the roof motor is now unattached - it just needed a little bit of persuasion with a screwdriver underneath the circular bit to the left of where the crank handle goes in, and where it meets the casting above. Now stuck moving the black plastic tab back on the side which has the cable unattached to disengage the first part of the sunroof - when I'm trying to push it back it seems to be catching on a piece of metal...
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