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Hi All, Let me firstly say what a great and infromative site. I am recently a proud owner of a cooper s works 04 and am enjoying it immensly.

I have three questions which if poss could some one answer;

1) I notice at idle a strange sound somehting like a fanbelt is touching something. This happens when the engine is hot and cold.

2) Under the steering wheel, to the right where there is a hole to store things I have noticed a switch with a green and red lights on it, checked the manual for an explanation what this button does but cand find anything on it.

3) Do all cooper s cars pull to the left slighty??
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Hi there

I haven't got an MCS yet (we ordered ours a week ago), but I was interested in your 3rd question about the car pulling to the left...

We were lent a Cooper S overnight last week by our local MINI dealer, and it had 18" alloys on it, which looked fab. However after less than a minute of driving it my boyfriend was almost completely put off buying one because the car pulled badly to the left. If you let go of the steering wheel you would be up on the pavement. We put it down to the size of the wheels and so took the car back and they gave us one with 17s on and it was like a different car.

Having read stuff on here I've read that the handling is better with 16s, but I suppose that's another debate altogether :D

We still can't work out whether the car tracked badly because of the 18s, or whether somebody on a test drive has kerbed it. Or maybe even the tyre pressures were uneven and with them being runflats it's difficult to tell just by looking if one of the tyres is flatter than the others :confused:
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