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Further Information on Next-Gen Mini

• The New Mini will be built on a new platform, with most likely a longer wheelbase to accommodate a Traveller/estate version.
• The new convertible is an indication of the need for a new platform. Extensive frame changes had to be made to accommodate the convertible. The new platform will be more flexible.
• No more variants of the Mini will be based on the current platform. The 3-door hatchback and the cabrio is all that will be seen.
• The new platform is expected for 2007. (Not sure if this means a 2007 model year, which means we will probably see it in the August 2006 timeframe, or will be seen in the 2007 calendar year.)
• The new platform will be shorter than the 1-series, but the MPV version could be longer, with a higher roofline.
• The new Mini will retain the current car's trademark pin-sharp handling and kart-like agility.
• The new engine will be built at PSA's Douvrin engine plant in France. The engine will first appear in the Peugot lineup in 2006, a year ahead of it's inclusion in the Mini lineup. (This should give us a good review of the engine prior to it's release in the Mini).
• The new hatch, will be an evolutionary design, retaining four essential style elements: the Mini's short, stocky proportions, an uninterrupted glass area between body and roof, and the bonnet's diagonal cutline which echoes the 1959 car's protruding panel seam.
• It will also most likely retain the hexagonal grill, bold round headlights and retro-inspired interior.

I like MINIs I do
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Very interesting all the same :D

The later the better, can't have any new ones coming out any time soon when my convertible isn't even here yet!


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If you look in the new EVO magazine, they have an article about the future of the MINI. They say that the engine will be changed over to the Peugot powerplant for economic reasons. Also, a few more features will be altered or deleted from the new models. The first thing to go is the rear Z axle. This is the complex rear end that keeps the MINI stiff through the corners. BMW will be replacing this with a more loose, but cheaper alternative :eek: . Also, the door handles will be redesigned due to the complexity of the current model and the window's will not have the up/down feature when you open/close the door. This requires complex window motors and there will be a frame around the window instead of the current open design :mad: . Lastly, the roof is supposed to be painted body color due to the fact that cars have to go through the paint shop twice to get the roof a seperate color. This, again, lowers BMW's profits :eek: .

Basically BMW is not making enough money on the curent model and needs to cut back some features that most people (the people who want the looks, not the performance) don't need. I'm not sure about you but I'm glad I've got an '02 (before the softer suspension :D ) and am definitely going to make sure our next MINI is going to be one of the current body style if all these changes really take effect.
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