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Hi all,

Im Paul and i'm finally a new mini owner.

Got myself a 2007 Cooper S in black with 74k miles on the clock and a full service history. The bodywork is in good condition as it the inside with black heated leather seats.

Had to travel from Glasgow to Bradford to get it in my old 1998 BMW 535i 3.5L V8. Which i shall miss. Won't miss the 14mpg or the repair bills.

Both cars are just as quick as each other in a straight line but lets just say the mini wins on the corners.

My first purchase for the car will be wiper blades, the ones on the car are close to useless.
Also some fuses as i've just discovered the wing mirrors don't move.

I will need to get some bonnet stripes on her. For me Minis and American Muscle cars are about the only cars where stripes are acceptable.

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