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Hi all, I brought this home yesterday from Normanton in Yorkshire. Got it for £2200. I am an mx5 owner and lately its too uncomfortable and a 20 year old car which I plan to garage and sell in late May. This car will have my private plate transferred on to it at end of month when I get paid as its a rip changing your reg. Ive ordered the pressed metal plates for it too as they look better. Ive just washed and carnuba waxed it today and cleaned the engine too. Quite a few stonechips on bonnet that have been painted etc, so plan is to get this repainted, and the white roof has three small paint chips. One scratch either side of car that has been filled in with paint so these will be done also.

The chequered flag pair that is one drivers side is faded, can I get one of these. Ive cleaned it all inside but the seats will be valeted with the roof lining hopefully next week. Ive ordered a new mini keyring as the fob looks odd without a key ring. The tyres are a newish but they are all different so they will be coming off too, I like to have all the tyres the same so will go for all season tyres. I love it, the oil is clean, last service june 2018, service history so its going to have its oil changed again in the next few weeks. Can anyone give me any tips on this model.
The passenger flap that covers the makeup mirror is missing too, can I get these anywhere?:big_grin:::wink:]



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