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New Mini Owner

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Hello All,

I just wanted to stop in and say hi as a proud new owner of a 2011 Mini Cooper S Convertible. Its got the N18 engine with 25K miles on it.

Ive been doing some reading on these cars and have come across various issues Im not sure are still relevant. Ive read about the "death rattle", "catch cans", "Code readers", and "oil leaks". I guess my question to the community here is what should i be on the look out for as the owner of this car? Should i invest in a code reader and catch can? Has the "death rattle" issue been addressed and resolved by mini? I did purchase the car from a Mini dealer.

I appreciate any info you are able to provide. Thanks all.

Here are more details based off the VIN. Not sure why it says its automatic, its a manual.


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