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New Model Mini (toy)

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Hope this has not been mentioned before but I see that new for 2002, Nikko are producing a MINI Cooper in their Racer selection and the Evolution range.

They also have a Mini Sub but I suspect it is not an underwater MINI :)

MINI models seem to feature in all the manufacturers 2002 catalogues.

I expect to see them at the toy fair at Excel next week.
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Do Nikko have a web site to view these? I am hoping the manufacturer FLY produce one, as they are very detailed.

but they do not have the MINI on their yet, it is a new product previewing at the toy fair next week.
Any chance of pictures & a price :confused: :confused:
I saw a small radio controlled MINI in a shop in Brighton, it was about £16.99, not sure who it was made by but it looked good :)
I just got an 1/18th scale Mini Cooper model made by Auto Art. It is very detailed and very good quality. I got it here in the US from EWA for $55. I'm sure they ship internationally too.

The model is great and it's helping me deal with having to wait until April to get my new Mini!


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Does anyone know who makes the official models found in 'Mini Collection' catalogue?

Drakken - Can you get the model with 17" alloys?


These are the 16" wheel, right? This one is $35 USD


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That one's made by Solido and yes they are the 16 inchers
Drakken said:
These are the 16" wheel, right? This one is $35 USD
The Solido 1/18 scale you pictured is missing some important details like the chrome strip that runs under the greenhouse. If you shop around you should be able to find it for about $15-$20.

I've got both a 1/18 Solido and a 1/18 Maistro and the Maistro is much nicer in my opinion. It has better detail than the 1/18 Solido and is usually priced about the same. These Maistros have been sold recently in the US at Sam's Club for $10 (!), but you can find them online for under $20.

Does anyone have the 1/12 MINI Cooper by Revell (Germany) yet? It's about 12" (30cm) long.
My local model shop had an offer recently. If you bought the 1/12th Cooperfor £50 you got the model you build yourself for free :D :D :D :D
Just went into the model shop & bought the 1/12h Green/white MINI for only £30!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D
i have the 1/18 revell, as it was the only one i found that was brg/white and had white 16 inch wheels. it's very nice indeed and i think it got most of the details right, apart from a few minor details inside that you can't really see (i know because i took it apart to paint the interior faux cordoba beige, it came in some sortof two-tone grey/grey-green). oh, the most obvious snafu it perhaps the front grille isn't entirely chromed, it got black bits in the center of the surround (not like the ONE, hard to describe... the actual "frame" around the grille isn't entirely chromed, the slats are all chrome). i'll snap a picture...

i got it just to hold me over until i get the real thing in august. damnit it's difficult to wait...

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