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New owner alert!

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So as the title suggests today I took a leap into the relative unknown and purchased an R53 S. For a 2006 it's at the cheaper end of the market so there are things to do, but hopefully now't serious. One thing that has REALLY surprised me IF (and this is a big if.. gonna get it on dyno) it is standard how well these little cars go! :D Wasn't expecting such a kick up the arse, but I've been driving a 3 pot C1 for a month! :ROFLMAO:
So first off is to stop the front sidelights and number plate lights having their own personal disco. The previous owner was really chuffed that the items mentioned had been fitted with LED replacements, so I'm assuming the BCM doesn't like it??? Next a xenon light fault, it tries to fire the light then dies, so with the lights on it's got a permanent wink! :LOL: Again, hoping just a bulb, but maybe a control module fault???
Give it a service next up and inspect the front brakes, then general tidy up and tweaks during the summer inc some new boots after getting the alloys refurbed.

Do you guys and gals do local meets at all or is it mainly online???

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