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My baby is 12 months old, so decided to get a new reg,

What are your thoughts?
Do you know what it supposed to say?


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sooper_dooper_cooper said:
Do you know what it supposed to say?
"Stop me please Mr. Plod"?

Hobby? As in the Mini is not a just a car, its a hobby?
That's the trouble with personal plates - too personal.

Often, you just don't know what it's supposed to say.

Money well spent? Only you can say.
Saw a Mini today with the regy CC54 PER, not a bad regy, at least everyone knows what its supposed to mean. :)
I want "MC 54 TOM" But can't justify the thousand quid on buying it :(

I'm saving up to treat myself though :) it'll be mine one day lol
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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