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Mine is a Cooper S.

Not sure if the Cooper uses the same dual mass flywheel.

Anybody know?

I'm going back to the dealer on Tuesday morning for a laundry list of repairs:
2 dash rattles
Passenger side pillar rattle
Boot release acting up (refusing to operate, then clicking open on it's own 5 minutes later)
Radio Head Unit loosing rows of pixels when cold out
Reverse light gone (not burned out either, as I changed the bulb)
Flywheel rattle

I'll let you know if I convince them to replace the flywheel.

They did say I could take a 330 coupe as my loaner!

We'll see . . . . . .

Yeah let us know how you get on, i am interested in how you get on with the rattle issue, currently got the same problem. I am trying to get as much information as possible so maybe i can help my dealer assess the problem, most similar threads have ended with the dealer replacing the clutch and/or gearbox with varying success. Flywheel option seems less common, if you have any information on the flywheel issue that would be greatly appreciated.

By the way, are you in the UK?

Anyway enjoy the 330!
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