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Just joined MINI2 after reading thru many posts about the CVT. I've been debating new vs. used for a couple of months and to be honest, while new is extremely appealing, used tends to offer more options at a reduced price (sometimes).
I just looked at an 04 with a CVT trans (auto trans is a DW requirement) with a nice option package in a price range that does not make me cringe. The car is nice looking with reasonable mileage but reading about CVT failures is a concern. I am thinking I'd take a chance on it but go with a reputable aftermarket warranty "just in case". I also found that one of the rack boots had come loose from the rack but it did not appear dirty so I wonder if it is a common issue.
I will call the dealer on Monday to discuss the car and make a decision next week. Used MINIs seem to be selling pretty quickly so I may end up w/ new in the end.
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ON EDIT> I test drove the '04 and it is nice and tight. The trans shifted nicely with no lag or slip. The car is fully loaded, Chili Red body and hood with black mirrors. It should be home by the end of the week!!:D
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