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Hi all,
I’ve had a few mini’s but this will be the first one I’ve had the time to play with. That being said I’ve already changed a few things.

So far:

Almost got rid all the chrome.
Smoked LED side repeaters.
Smoked rear LED tail lights.
All of the above from SMPS2012.

Android centre console display with reverse camera fitted into rear license plate bulb recesses.

GP replica wheels

Still to come K&N filter, possibly a remap and an armrest when I can find one for a reasonable price that I’m happy to part with the money for. I did try the cup holder fitted version but it’s more for show then an actual armrest as any weight on it and it would shift about.

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View attachment 287660
Looking good , how is the android unit ? I keep saying I am going to get one , but price is high.
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