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Hey all .... just thought I would introduce my self ...I’m Andy ... just waiting to pick up my ’new’ car albeit a used 2009 MCS in a lovely horizon metallic blue...same colour roof - chilli pack and chrome line stripes or decals .... silver crown alloys 17” run flats ...and to get Michelin’s PS4’s once I pick the car up. Bit of a change as have been driving Peugeot’s since picking up an 18 month old 205 1.9 gti in 1992...the hot hatch of its day ... since then have had two inferior 206gti’s and the last three years until next week a 2.0 se 206 cc.... after several rear axle problems with several of the pugs decided I needed a change and a performance upgrade .... should be a blast. I look forward to hearing from anyone wishing to impart any advice or tips etc ...


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