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Hi everyone, I yesterday bought a 2003 automatic BMW mini cooper although I'm not actually sure it is a cooper. I am mechanically minded as I am a motorcycle mechanic but I need some help and advice on my mine.

First of all it did not get me home, I had to pay the Rac to tow me home.

It overheated after driving for roughly 20 minutes, the engine started running badly and I pulled into a petrol station and the car wouldn't start again although I think this was more to do with the battery not being charged very well. I know this because we jumped it on cables to get me away.

So first of all the coolant was leaking from the bottom left of the radiator, and the expansion tank top cap had shot off. I believe there were exhaust gases bubbling in the coolant so I'm suspecting a head gasket problem.

Do where do I start first, I'm currently charging the battery at home, my plan is to pull the spark plugs and make sure they are all sparking and I will do a compression test on all cylinders if my tester for motorcycles fit.

I will order a new radiator as they are only £50 and I have a feeling that this one is blocked, it at least has a leak in it. The coolant didn't seem to be flowing and was backing up to the radiator cap and expansion tank so possibly a new water pump.

Any view or opinions would be greatly appreciated. I will update tonight or in a couple of days if the car starts on a fully charged battery.

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