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I just bought a set of four WIPAC spotlights for my R50. They came with all the mounting brackets, and two wiring kits with 4-pin relays. The wiring kits also have an inline 15-amp fuse fitted to the wire for the connection to the battery.

Having read all the instructions and had a look online, I'm happy with where all the wires on the relays are supposed to go, but it's making the actual connections I'm unsure about. The wires have a plug on one end for connecting to the relay (so all good there) but the other ends are bare and there are a selection of little plug-ends of different types (see photo).

I'm no electrician so I'm not entirely sure what each kind is for. Are there equivalent sockets for them on the car? Or do I just pick whichever is best and tape it up afterwards?

Also, the instructions mention a Live and and Earth on the lights, but as you can see in the photo they only have the one wire coming out. I'm guessing that's the Live and I just connect an earth to the metal housing around where it joins the bracket?

To give an idea of my skill, I can confidently change a plug socket or light switch, I've just never done anything like this on a car before.



1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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