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Hi guys,

First post in the forumn, hopefully by the weekend we will have picked up my wifes new (well new to us) mini cooper.

Decided to take the plunge at the weekend and bought a facelifted late 04 cooper. It seems in really good condition and with loads of extras, chilli pack, panorama sunroof, tacho pack, full leather and with 49,ooo miles.

I was well impresed with how it drove, i own a golf gti which has sort of spoilt me a bit for how other cars drive, but not the mini, totally different driving experience all together.

One quick question hopefully someone can help with, the seller refers to it as a tacho pack, however google searches finds nothing, its basically instead of having the speedo in the middle of the dash, this is where all the guages are with an additional speedo beside the rev counter in front of the steering wheel. For insurance purposes, can anyone advise what the proper name for this option is??

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