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Hi bought my 2009 british racing green mini cooper 1.6 diesel two days ago really like so far pretty quick for a diesel great fuel consumption, im 6ft 2" and theres plenty of leg and head room for me, just read the post on fitting a space saver wheel kit, its one of the first things i must do great piece of info, the only problem so far is road noise from the tyres on my mini its got michelins on the rear and some cheap tyres on the front but i can live with this noise as i intend to change from15" rims to 16" or 17" rims in the future providing 16 or 17 tyres are not noisey. I also own a 1972 mk2 triumph 2500 saloon and do nearly all the work on it, but ive no doubt it wont be the same with the mini im useless on modern electrics, every thing you do on modern cars you have to reset the management system after, probably even just removing a wheel id have to reset something ha ha, think il be able to replace the engine oil and filter plus air filter and fuel filter though looking forward to learning stuff of the forum
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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