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Dear All

just had a new niggle with the car. The passenger door refuses to open even though the servo seems to be unlocking it! Going in on Monday to be sorted.

I know that problems are frustrating and annoying and I quite expected them though. After all New MINI is just that, very very New!!

I ordered our cooper as soon as I could because I find it very exciting to be one of the first people to drive such a new and controvercial car! Believe me when I say i am not a snob, However I can't help feeling very lucky to be driving around in such a cool car that draws attention wherever it goes!

There will be niggles and faults but as long as BMW fixes them quickly it is a small price to pay for being amongst the first to drive the car. Maybe just maybe in a few years time you will look back and remember how fun the car was and how excited you were when you picked it up from the showroom. And forget the (for now) irritating faults that may occur.

Classic mini fans have slated New MINI in many letters pages which is of course their opinion. However I see New MINI as an evolution of Classic mini a totally seperate product with the DNA of the old.

Happy MINI Motoring!!;)
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