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No gears on start up

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My MCS is playing up!
Bought it cherised 8 weeks ago, 04 with 30k on the clock, only done about 450miles in that time. However, usually when i start it, in neutral, foot off clutch, it wont go into any gear. Try depressing the clutch for about 10s, still nothing. try all gears, nothing. eventually it will find 1st. its becoming frustraiting. Will usually happen when the cars cold.
When driving it sometimes takes a few attempts to change down to 3rd.
Car has full history and had the brake fluid changed before i bought it. Do you reckon the clutch needs bleeding as this is on the same lines as the brakes.
Car went to dealer to rectify. the fault didnt appear surprisingly and gearbox oil level was fine.
I've been told to monitor it but still the same.
loving the car apart from that though! glad fuel prices have gone down mind....
cheers all
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