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No heat....

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Drove to the shop yesterday, and there was no heat. the fan was on, but only cold air.
After I started the car after the shop it was still only cold air.
Turned of the engine again and when I started there was warm air. Went home.
4 hours later i drove away again, and again there was only cold air.
No fault codes.

Any ideas??

Mini Cooper S R56 2011
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that can be a sign of head gasket ie pushing air in to the heater matrix, or might be a fault with the heater box in car, as these cars have a heater matrix that is always hot and the heat box uses flaps to bypass with cold or hot air depending on what position the heater controls are on,
way to tell run car for 10 miles then feel under heater in floor well behind the plastic covers .
Thanks, will first change the ambient heat sensor to se if that helps....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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